Woodmaster Tools

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Let's you turn a $5 rough board into $75 worth of high-dollar molding in less than a minute! Three models to choose from with powerful motors up to 7.5HP, infinitely variable feed rate, Router Attachments, Spiral Cutterheads, plus up to 25" capacity -- the Woodmaster is a full-size, industrial-strength, high-output, 4-way money maker!


Each Woodmaster is carefully crafted by American workmen with old-fashioned care and attention to every detail. We build our planers right here in Kansas City, MO - almost the exact center of the USA. We go toe-to-toe against any planer and consistently come out the winner. That's why over 100,000 craftsmen have made Woodmaster the centerpiece of their shops. It's why we can confidently offer you our 5-Year Limited Warranty and 60-Day Free-Trial Guarantee.


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Woodmaster Tools

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