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TOPIC: Design something unexpected and fun!

Design something unexpected and fun! 10 Jul 2017 01:32 #1

  • Dan Sawatzky
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The next time you are asked to design something mundane and boring I challenge everyone here to go out on a limb and design something unexpected and fun. Push your client far past where they think they want to go. It works for us!

Everyone here is creative and owns awesome CNC tools. Imagine what we can do if we really put our minds and hearts into our projects. Even the most boring projects (like street and parking signs) still offer unlimited possibilities if we really go for it. To illustrate what I mean I give you some examples.

The first picture is of a light standard and sign post - one of many we designed for a wonderful (but as of yet unbuilt) seaside development. The theme went through the entire five acre development. It would have been a fun one for sure. While this project has gone dormant the ideas are still viable and they will yet see the light of day.

The second two concepts are for a current project. There will be many of these kinds of fun signs throughout. This project is a definite go but not yet officially announced.

We have another large project which we just got word of today. Peter and I pitched it two weeks ago. We really went out on a limb creatively and the meeting went well or so we thought. Our philosophy in our little company is to do it right or not do it at all. It was go big or go home time and we fully understand that this approach means we only get a small percentage of what we pitch. We were very hopeful but then the client went silent for two weeks and we thought we had lost them. Instead of a small sign contract (which the client came for) we have won the right to do full blast master plan for the property and then a multi-year dimensional sign project.

To get these kinds of jobs you have to go for broke, deliver unexpected designs and then take some risk.If you offer a lesser, backup plan chances are the client will take it. You and the client lose in the process. Tomorrow you will be known for what you do today.
Dan Sawatzky
Sawatzky's Imagination Corporation
Yarrow, British Columbia, Canada


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Design something unexpected and fun! 10 Jul 2017 06:44 #2

  • John Miller
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Great advice Dan, thanks for the reminder. If every sign maker took that attitude our world would be filled with wonderful creative signs and prosperous sign makers.
Someday every things gonna be different... When I paint my masterpiece

Design something unexpected and fun! 14 Jul 2017 20:31 #3

  • Leo Voisine
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On a MUCH MUCH smaller scale - I just did the same thing.

Dan I have been listening to you for 4 years now.

I had a client that called with a request for a simple sign, I proposed something a bit more elaborate. We talked about it, I submitted a proposal, she liked it, but expanded it a little more. I proposed a price - based on value, not materials. I start the job tomorrow.

It's small. TINY TINY in terms of what you do, but a nice job for my side line. This is my highest hourly earnings yet.

2424 Larken Camtol
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